Day 11-14, Yerevan II

Day 11, July 18th, Sat, Yerewan V, Geghard

Yerevan III went to Geghard to a famous monastery that is partly built into stone. Then I went back to Garni where there’s a thousand year old temple. Beneath runs a river that was also flowing next to the monastery. I followed it and wanted to get to its water mouth, but I failed. At least on the way I took a refreshing bath and could enjoy the landscape. Shortly before the water mouth I had to stop and get to the nearest road because it was starting to get dark and I somehow made a way myself. So I climbed up on the plateau and went to the road that was not that busy. But I was lucky because after only 45 minutes a car stopped – six people were already sitting inside, but hey, we weren’t in Germany so no problem.

Day 12, July 19th, Sun, Yerevan VI, Sevan Lake

In the morning we got up quite early because we were about to go to Sevan Lake by train. When we arrived, friends from Alex already built some kind of stone stove with mushrooms roasting.
Later we set up a tent over this stove and the natural sauna. Inside we pour water mixed with herbs on the stones to create a quick heat. After 10 minutes it was the womens turn and we jumped into the clear lake. It was such a great experience!

Day 13-14, July 20th-21st, Mon-Tue, Yerewan VII-VIII, Echmihadzin, old castle

I went to Echmihadzin, the religious centre of the Armenian Church. Naturally I peaked into some of them. The next day Arpik, Alex and me went to the old castle of Yerevan.

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